"Cecilia is on top of her functional area. She balances her workload efficiently, and she has been very helpful in improving our billing and collection stats."Steve G. - Arthur Andersen

"Cecilia’s assistance with my client billing has been invaluable over the past few months. She proactively inquires about the status of certain bills, receivables and other paperwork. She has organized my filing files and keeps all the paperwork up to date. She has been a pleasure to work with."Karen W. - Arthur Andersen

"I am extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Cecilia over the course of the past year. She has exceeded my expectations and is someone that I respect a great deal. She has a friendly demeanor and positive attitude, is accurate and efficient when faced with a task and is well organized. She is proactive in her approach to learning and consistently looks for ways to help me deal with my responsibilities. In addition, I have received numerous remarks from my clients regarding how much they enjoy dealing with Cecilia. She has been an outstanding addition to the PCS practice."Dan D. - Arthur Andersen

"Overall, Cecilia is a true pleasure to work with. She is kind, pleasant and a hard worker. She makes my job here much easier. I am extremely pleased with her. Everyone should have an EA like Cecilia." Angela P. - Arthur Andersen

"Her organization, coordination and willingness to take on any assignment have been very valuable to the AVP. Cecilia has information at her fingertips, researches questions thoroughly, and provides very positive organization and input to both the AVP and the area regional management members."Dennis S. - Olympus

"Cecilia moved into a new area and is doing very well. Her Managers find her helpful and proactive. Cecilia is dedicated and poised. She showed courage in shifting her career into the Account Executive Program. Though she was a terrific Executive Assistant, her efforts and results as an Account Executive demonstrate that this was a good move. She effectively leverages a growing number of Managers and helps the bottom line by billing timely. Cecilia gets along comfortably with all levels of personnel and needs little day-to-day coaching." Steve G. - Arthur Andersen

"Cecilia is doing very well. She has brought stability to the position and her ‘go get them’ attitude is a welcome addition. Her work is detailed and her follow through is exemplary."Louis C. - Olympus

"Cecilia was my EA until 1/01 and since that time has served as my billing assistant/coordinator. In both of these roles, Cecilia’s performance has been outstanding. She takes a proactive approach to her responsibilities, and is constantly looking for ways to improve my efficiency and assist me in carrying out my daily responsibilities. She is not afraid to ask questions when she is unclear, and is also willing to make valuable suggestions regarding how a process may be improved. She is friendly and professional and someone that I enjoy working with and respect a great deal."Dan D. - Arthur Andersen

"Cecilia regularly attempts to increase her ‘value’ to me and to the Firm. She continually monitors our technology advances and offers her assistance in handling routine or specialized matters. Cecilia routinely puts the clients (internal and external) first. She routinely attempts to provide whatever assistance she can and inquires as to whether there is more that she can do. Cecilia is extremely motivated and eager to learn the nuances of our office as well as my specific needs. She has been quick to grasp each new task." Howard B. - Arthur Andersen

"Cecilia works well independently, once given instruction on the task at hand. She prioritizes the work and completes her work on schedule. Cecilia is able to put together a very good first draft from a voice file. She developed a filing system where no system existed and is proactive at helping prepare me for meetings. She takes the initiative to prioritize my travel schedule and coordinates all travel arrangements and meetings. She did excellent work in scheduling sales meetings off site, took control of expense reports and organized my signature folder." Dave M. - Olympus

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent job you did of planning, coordinating and executing the logistics of this past week’s meeting in Las Vegas. The entire meeting went off without a hitch, room arrangements, catering, coordination of presenters schedules, and a complex agenda were all handled or prepared, and that fact is attributable to your planning, follow up, and communication to all parties involved. Every aspect of this major meeting was handled in a competent and professional manner by you and both Olympus and I thank you for your efforts across the board. Your previous experience in this area certainly came through as mentioned above. Keep up the great work you are doing in every aspect of the job, and you should feel good about the job are doing, because I and the RMs in Area 1 certainly do."Dennis S. - Olympus

"Your work was tremendous. I can only hope to find someone as competent in all of the skills you brought to the job, especially meeting planning."Dennis S. - Olympus