*  Reduced CPA Costs

*  Increased Profitability

*  Minimized Taxes

*  Gain control of paperwork and get access to immediate financial results.

*  Monthly, computerized reports and financial statements to help measure how
   well your business is doing and determine what can be done to improve profits
   and lower taxes.

*  Historical Data

*  Saving you valuable time by allowing you to focus on your business by developing
   new products/services, prepare new advertising, and shop for less expensive
*  Prepare you with all the reports, documentation and backup, prior to visiting your

*  Peace of Mind

*  Eliminate commission fees

*  Save Money

*  No need to hire in-house personnel (therefore saving on office space, equipment,
   office supplies, worker's compensation, overtime pay, taxes, administration costs
   and employee benefits).

*  Try new approaches and then measure their success.

*  Improved cash flow management